“behind the scenes”

i don’t recall exactly what i was looking for on YT, but i know i ended up watching a video that talked about synthwave’s typical chord progressions. at that time i was attending a training course related to dynamic and adaptative audio for games, and one of the proposed activities was creating themes for the main character of a fictional game. furi (the game) and its soundtrack were the reference.

it happened that the themes i created went to a completely diferent direction from the chord progression i learned from the video (by the way, the themes resulted in a song, which will be released in P4 most likely), but the idea got stuck in my mind, so what did i do? well… i created my version with the help of a program called c7 chordbot – it’s safe to say that it is a (very) simplified version of hooktheory/hookpad -, quite useful and very handy. just recently i discovered you can put a drum track in your project. midi does wonders. =P

this was part of the process of creation of my next single. stay tuned for more. below, a video with the “before & after”. hope you like it.


trx-01, yes!

the name comes from the years i worked as a gprs field engineer – yeah, i was a techie-techie guy in the telecom world. trx is an expression related to devices that can both transmit (tx) and receive data (rx), hence trx. but… you can relate it to one of the pieces of gear i have in my setup: roland tr-8. or it can be a short for track. it’s up to you.

anyway, here you’ll find the latest updates regarding the project: current productions, upcoming releases, updates, but not only stuff related to music production, as i’m involved with voice acting, dynamic & adaptative audio for games, photography, travelling (if sars-cov-2 allows us +_+), among other subjects.

in the meantime, i invite you to check trx-01‘s latest release @ bandcamp, as well as subscribe to my mailing list (in the field below), so you won’t miss anything.