trx-01, yes!

the name comes from the years i worked as a gprs field engineer – yeah, i was a techie-techie guy in the telecom world. trx is an expression related to devices that can both transmit (tx) and receive data (rx), hence trx. but… you can relate it to one of the pieces of gear i have in my setup: roland tr-8. or it can be a short for track. it’s up to you.

anyway, here you’ll find the latest updates regarding the project: current productions, upcoming releases, updates, but not only stuff related to music production, as i’m involved with voice acting, dynamic & adaptative audio for games, photography, travelling (if sars-cov-2 allows us +_+), among other subjects.

in the meantime, i invite you to check trx-01‘s latest release @ bandcamp, as well as subscribe to my mailing list (in the field below), so you won’t miss anything.

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