“behind the scenes”

i don’t recall exactly what i was looking for on YT, but i know i ended up watching a video that talked about synthwave’s typical chord progressions. at that time i was attending a training course related to dynamic and adaptative audio for games, and one of the proposed activities was creating themes for the main character of a fictional game. furi (the game) and its soundtrack were the reference.

it happened that the themes i created went to a completely diferent direction from the chord progression i learned from the video (by the way, the themes resulted in a song, which will be released in P4 most likely), but the idea got stuck in my mind, so what did i do? well… i created my version with the help of a program called c7 chordbot – it’s safe to say that it is a (very) simplified version of hooktheory/hookpad -, quite useful and very handy. just recently i discovered you can put a drum track in your project. midi does wonders. =P

this was part of the process of creation of my next single. stay tuned for more. below, a video with the “before & after”. hope you like it.

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