consistency or variation?

recently a bloke i follow on twitter posed the following question:

it’s definitely an interesting topic. some said they tend to stick with a drum kit, because that would bring cohesion and/or coherence to the songs, especially if they belong to an EP or album. on the other hand, some said it’d be better to tweak the drum section from song to song, which can offer the listener some alleviation from the fatigue. (it does make some sense, even more if we’re talking about songs for video games, where the loop technique is still in use, and the audio variation is key to avoid the hearing fatigue.)

the piece of hardware responsible for the drum section in my setup is the roland tr-8. i think you will notice its presence (almost trademark) if you are an attentive listener. in live streams i tend to believe that rare are the occasions where the squarepusher in action tweaks the drums that much.

guess i’ll pay more attention to this detail, as i tend to stick with many of the patches i already have programmed on it. a friend of mine kinda complained a bit. hahah! but then i pose you a question: what to say about all these trap, EDM, drum ‘n bass, house, techno songs that use to have virtually the same drum section? don’t you think this is more a relevant aspect only if you’re a beatmaker/producer, as the listener (casual or fan) won’t make a real distinction about that matter?

“behind the scenes” – p. ii

at this time you shoud be aware that in D-4 i’ll be releasing “be water, my friend”. today i’ll talk briefly about a another “guy” who plays an important part in the song.

so… some days ago i posted a video with the transformation process. roland tr-8 is the man behind the drums. after a minor tweak here and there, voilĂ : habemus drum section ready to go! the initial snare was sort of dim, a bit “pale”, not in tune with the presence the snare has in the beat. then i chose a more snappy/clappy one.

there was a 3rd option, which would demand way more time: checking the oldest of my grooveboxes – my beloved dr-202. but i’ll save this for later, as it is already appearing in the bonus track: an abstract/downtempo version of “be water, my friend”. there you guys will see it in action.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">by the way, there are two cinema/animation characters in the footage. will you be able to spot them? if yes, drop me a line. =)by the way, there are two cinema/animation characters in the footage. will you be able to spot them? if yes, drop me a line. =)