trx-01 @ Electric Radio!

hey, hey! glad to announce that tonight yours truly will be part of a 1h set at the Electric Radio!

the show is called Blips & Bloins and is presented by fabio bridges (the man behind this lovely page – pequenos clássicos perdidos – something like “lost little classics”, as a literal translation).

the “gig” starts at 21:00 BRT (00:00 UTC). stay tuned! 😀

“be water, my friend” – update

just a quick post: “be water, my friend” will be live on spotify (and other streaming platforms) on thursday, 13th! (and i believe i’ll release “ambience” on these platforms as well. just not sure about when.)

anyway, stay tuned! and if not during the weekend, maybe in the beginning of the next week i’ll post something related to an interesting discussion i had a week ago about piracy. in the meantime, i’d love to hear what you think about this subject.