“be water, my friend” is finally out!

“be water, my friend” is finally out! it’s a 2-track single – a #liquidfunk and an #abstract / #downtempo, even triphop-ish, version of the title track. the idea was capturing that moment of introspection we dive in when we start to analyze a determined situation and adapt to the changes this situation requires us to make in ourselves.

“be water, my friend”. phrase attributed to the martial arts master bruce lee, meaning exactly this: be malleable, mold yourself.

and if you like what you’re going to listen to, bear in mind that the independt artist doesn’t have the multi-million infrastructure supporting him/her. your help is key for him/her to continue bringing new and original stuff to you. ❤

besides that, #bandcamp uses to retain 10% to 15% of the artist’s revenue. given they will be waiving their share of the revenue tomorrow – the so called #bandcampfriday, – it’ll be another opportunity for you to show your appreciation for the work of mine.

so… “be water”, my friends!

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